Monday, 20 February 2017


When I think of feedback I just have this picture of vomit. You feed and then it comes back to you. Or possibly regurgitation. Anyway it's not exactly a pretty picture, but it can be positive or negative.
Perhaps if I ask the right question, for example, do you like my garden? As opposed to, what do you think of my garden? The first question will force people to think yes, they have to say YES whereas if I ask the latter people will studiously ignore me. Then they might later point out it's full of weeds, is missing Shakespeare quotes or some other thing I hadn't really noticed.

I am struggling with the fourth principle a bit in permaculture as it's this.

Principle 4. Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback.
The sins of the fathers are visited on the children unto the seventh generation

This all sounds a bit Old Testamenty to me. Or is it, if you throw something holy to the dogs they will rend and bite you, the same as casting pearls before swine? (Negative) but on the other hand, If you teach a man to fish as opposed to giving him one he can fish for more than one day? (Positive)?

All I know is I recently put some plastic pots out, advertised it all on Neighbourly website, the first lot went, hooray, but then the second lot I put out was just sitting there for days and nobody took them, even when about three different neighbours said they'd come and take them. Finally I got tired of seeing those pots sitting outside my gate saying FREE POTS Please Help Yourselves, and nobody helping any, that I took them back.

Is this negative feedback and teaching me to self-regulate, and not buy so many plants? Or maybe it means I am meant to use them for something, like making cuttings for our food forest/orchard.

*brain neurotransmitters swirling*

In other self-regulatory news I have put in more lawn chamomile near the woolly thymes in the driveway bed, as well as adding some snow in summer. Or cerastium, as Bunnings sales assistant girl informs me. I have to know the Latin name you see, otherwise she won't serve me.

Ok ok I'm really bad at accepting feedback. I would prefer it if my plants talked back to me instead of non-gardening people butting their unwanted opinions on me, or maybe...they can write blogs of their own? However, the technology is here, it's all self-regulatory, and you can now post comments on Facebook to your hearts content, and below, and you won't be blocked and I won't unfriend you.

It's like I have read all these brilliant books on Book Chooks and all people want to talk about is what they saw on tv. I even had one so-called friend say 'I'm sorry your program is on at the same time as the tv and the tv program is more important'. Well thanks a lot for that piece of feedback, it's not as if I can change the time just to suit you. And, by the way, I don't think the tv cares to be your friend, but, don't you think that's a little hurtful to tell me some electronic box show you can record is more important than my brilliant show? Come on, TV has advertising we all know it's there to make money yet have I put any product placement in MY show? Do I make any profit from it?  Noo. Am I constantly asking you to buy stuff?  Like Facebook does??  Nooo.

Oh just accept it Selina. Sigh. Maybe all those sins my fathers did are rebounding on me. Lord have mercy.