Saturday, 4 February 2017

Oh my gourd!

Something's or someone has been attacking the passionfruit vine! Yesterday was down at the Woodside garden and was happy to see the two passionfruits we planted starting to trail toward the arch yet one was losing all its leaves. It's a bit of a mystery, they are two different varieties and it seems the Black Beauty is losing the race while Golden Passionfruit still sports all its leaves.
We have a new arch after the old one broke due to some enthusiastic monkeys. Or maybe they were small humans. Not sure. Little munchkins seemed to be picking our silverbeets as well so Jacqui made a sign saying 'Don't cut our silverbeet you are killing them! Pick the outer leaves only!' Perhaps she should paint another sign saying 'Stop stripping the passionfruit! You are killing it!' but I'm not sure if the culprits even know how to read.

In the passionfruits bed we decided to give them companions of beans, both dwarf and purple climbing.  I had attempted to  sow scarlet runner beans in the same bed a few weeks ago but the seed packet said the seeds expired in 2000. Unless they miraculously revive, I don't think we'll see them sprout any time soon.

Another plant that has been attacked recently is one of the plum trees. Apparently it is beetles according to Kings Plant Barn doctors diagnosis of the leaves, so Jacqui is spraying it with Bugtroll.
I suggested we try neem tree granules/powder instead at the roots for immunity. I don't think a sign would work there either. 'Stop eating the plum tree leaves! You are killing it!'

Talking of killing or rather culling, the neighbours noticed our orchard looking a bit wild because it hasn't been mown, so Jacqui is asking around if anyone has a scythe. They are those tools that look like the Grim Reaper. It's to trim the paspalum. So please if anyone has one lying around not using we would like to borrow it. This is entirely for gardening purposes mind you we are not putting on a Halloween production.  I don't know what we would call it if we did. 'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay?' Or maybe Celebrity Plant Death Match - Wheat Vs Tares.

On the brighter side after our Book Chooks herb talk of life's companions I would like to share Karyn's herbal recipes but that's another post..