Sunday, 19 February 2017

Mahoenui Farm

Yesterday Louise, her husband and I visited Mahoenui Farm. Or rather Mahoenui Lodge as it turns out as it's a luxury farmstay complete with an English style garden, parterre, includes a tennis court, cricket pitch, pond, woodland planting forest glade among the oaks, and olive/stone fruit orchard on which graze sheep.

It's quite amazing and right nextdoor to Mincher. The borders are sweeping the edges in which grow under the shade of various English type trees, hydrangeas, clivia, mondo grass, liriope, masses of clipped hedges, salvias etc.

The parterre has vegetables, of which eggplants are cropping as well as cucumbers, marrows, lettuce, grape covered pergolas, all surrounded by buxus hedging. Bantam chickens roam freely. There's also a cottage garden with masses of delphiniums, and weeping cherry, as well as the requisite english roses and lavender.

It's really quite lovely although less formal than Mincher with curved borders and little woodland walks, many garden seats, but I can imagine that the owners put in a lot of workers to garden this property. I'm not sure if this is an Heroic garden in that the original festival was for GLBT owners to showcase their gardens for Hospice and we didn't want to question the owners too much...we were dying to know how they could possibly afford to do all this, but of course we didn't ask them.

There were about four dwellings on the property of which we imagined, for such an estate, there to be a chauffeur, maid, butler, nanny, cook, housekeeper, gardener...

Anyway! Photos below. Permaculture principles, well it does tick two of them but I did notice their parterre wasn't mulched so maybe they hadn't got round to it, I couldn't see any compost bins although there was a glasshouse and the pergolas were dripping with grapes near the house so was very tempted to pluck a few, but instead I took two photos instead can't really do it justice you need to go wander in yourself!

Butterfly lands on sedum and dahlias on the sunny side of the woodland border

By the parterre- kitchen garden