Friday, 15 April 2016

The Greenhouse effect

I'm looking for greenhouses or potting tables as my old bbq table which I am using as a potting table which I found on the side of the road is falling to bits.  The Warehouse are selling some for $50 but they are walk-ins and I'm not sure I have the space, although they have a four tier one for $60, while Mitre 10 have some 2 tiers for $30 and 3 tiers for $50 but their PVC covers don't look so sturdy.

I have sown some of my seeds in punnets except for the sweet peas, which I plan to sow direct in the garden if I can find some cloches to protect them from birds first.

I have moved the heliotrope cherry pie plants out of their pots into the garden border as they seem thirsty and would do better in the ground, one of them is thriving near my fernery. But they didn't like it at all out the front so I will try them out the back.

Other than that I have been reading up on pruning and training, for my course, and I have to decide on 30 specimens to photograph of trees, shrubs and climbers for my assignment. So coming soon for your edification will be 30 of these plants complete with photos and information about them (and my thoughts).

In my flaming bed I have added bronze carex. Now there are all these different colours and the effect is probably a designer horror of oranges, browns, and hot pink iresine, but I just want to see what will grow there!