Friday, 8 April 2016

Seeds to sow and food for thought.

Went to a seed meeting on Thursday for Woodside and was given these seeds to sow -

Sweet pea - Lucky Dip
Sweet pea -Blue
Cauliflower- Italian Purple
Broccoli de Cicco
Cabbage - Early Ballhead
Leeks- Musselburgh

I've also planted munstead lavender in my log burner bed (with flaming celosias) along with Iresine a friend gave me cuttings of.

Also I found another arch at Kmart but then forgot to save the receipt, or, I saved the wrong one.
D'oh! This is so I can be reimbursed, as we do have some funding from Massey Matters that goes to supporting community gardens. This is so we can buy tools and hold events and buy plants and mulch etc so that we can actually DO the gardening without it all having to come out of our limited pockets as we apply for it.

I have wondered about being paid to do gardening for other people but I think the satisfaction may not be there. At the end of the day you are slaving for someone else and lining their pockets...and you don't even have the reward of the produce. This goes for any type of job that is done for someone else. If there is a voluntary job it means everyone pitches in I think to make it work, otherwise its all on one person and then the person that pays you gets the credit for paying someone else to do it. I suppose thats how the other half live. I had this designer decorate my home, I had this architect, and this garden designer made one for me. All well and good, but you just paid someone else to do a job that you could have done yourself and made your own. It may not have been perfect but it's your own labour and ideas and nobody else can lay a claim to it.

Food for thought.