Sunday, 24 April 2016

Failure is not an option

I am beginning to think this landscape design course is maybe not such a good idea.
I am terrible at following instructions, formatting, and straight lines.

Also my numeracy skills leave much to be desired. One of the books recommended for reading included pictures of gorse as a desirable plant. I also need to learn correct botanical terms for all the plants, plus genus, until I become the walking encyclopaedia. This may be the exact reason why I failed library school. Well I didn't fail, I actually hold a Masters degree, it is sitting in a box right now under mum's dresser, but before it was hanging on the wall, mocking me.

Some librarian who doesn't even know the dewey decimal numbers off by heart. What happened is I attempted a journal, as they specified that I needed to write down all I learned after supposedly becoming a real librarian. But I had to do it all in a spreadsheet, and this gave me a headache. Plus at the library I worked at, I wasn't even allowed to use the computer for non-work related purposes, and keeping a library journal was one of them.
So I had to do this in my non-working hours. I ended up writing a whole blog, which turned out to be a wonderful story, but of course this did not cut the mustard with the markers of registered librarianship, it had to be in a spreadsheet and conform to their ten Boks. Which is librarian jargon for 'body of knowledge'. I learned that I didn't know anything. Really.

So anyway to cut a long story short, (which I then printed out, was marked 'fail', and consequently either chucked it in the bin and deleted the  whole blog) I didn't end up being a librarian after all, or an officially sanctioned one.

Now I have enrolled in this landscape design course which is costing me some pennies and I have found out that I will not be eligible for a student allowance for this one. So I'm wondering, do I grit my teeth and submit, or do I just stay amateur and give up any hope of becoming officially sanctioned horticulturalist slash landscape designer.

I mean, it's all the way in the South Island, Invercargill! How can I even afford to go there if I'm not even eligible for a student allowance (I enrolled too late, apparently). Why is God mocking me? Do I even want to design landscapes for rich foreign investors and nice motorway side plantings? You can't exactly go out and sniff the roses or enjoy the tuis going past at speeds of 100k.

Some encouragement will be nice.