Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mug shot #3 Wisteria

Isn't it funny that our wisteria matches the colour of our neighbour's house? I did not plant this specimen, my brother did years ago, but lately it has been giving wonderful displays like this one in spring. At the moment it is covered in leaves.
There are two varieties, Chinese and Japanese, and two colours, violet and white. The difference seems to be one twines clockwise, the other anti-clockwise. They would like elegant anywhere, but especially good over a pergola. They develop large seed pods which hang down. They are vigorous climbers and require cutting back to keep them in shape, as they will send new shoots called suckers that can grow to great lengths. Apparently they enjoy acid soil, and are generally carefree and pest resistant. Wisteria Lane was the name given to the street where the Desperate Housewives lived. It does look like, from a distance, like someone's hung out their laundry. Of course there's an art to hanging out laundry that few people except the housewives appreciate.