Sunday, 3 April 2016

April Showers

It is now April and the start of autumn..the maple leaves are turning a rich red and I can feel the cool crispness of the morning air starting to chill. It is my favourite time of year.

On Sunday we had our last tai ch'i class at the garden. I don't know about the whole drawing energy thing but it is relaxing to do the movements and breathe in the fresh air. Like plants, needing the carbon dioxide and thriving in the sun, humans need also oxygen and to be outdoors enjoying the sun at times.

I skipped church because I don't know, I felt that toss up between spending an hour and a half inside a sitting in a stuffy church building as opposed to being outdoors moving in the fresh air among God's creation and thanking Him seemed to be a non issue. And then I thought about our sad church yard and how we never gathered outside and enjoyed it as it was over run with weeds and become a kids playground.

Ironic isn't it? I've heard of this man who made an outdoor church entirely out of trees, in Hamilton somewhere. It sounds wonderful.

Well today I was thinking, a friend had a swing seat in their backyard that I had admired and that I always meaning to buy, and I thought of the perfect place I could put it. I hope Briscoes have some left and I have enough money for one as that would be nice to have a place to sit and relax and not be bothered by people inside the house. It is a two seater and got a canopy over and so you not going to be fried by the sun.

I have been busy idenitifying plant specimens for my landscape design course and actually managed to take some photos so, this blog may have some pictures after all. I need to identify at least 30 so this blog might be taken up with individual plant specimens and my musings on them for a while. Makes a change from my ramblings.