Tuesday, 3 January 2017

More thyme

I caught the last of the Kings Plant barn sale today and decided 25% of plants would mean lots of cheap thyme plants for my thyme walk so managed to snag about ten of them and pop them in. I must say its so satisfying digging out weeds and replacing them with proper plants.

After much research I did find what to plant under the red maple tree. My brothers planted it, so has proven to be a bane of our lives, firstly, because it grows too big and Mum has to coppice it, and secondly it has thirsty roots where nothing much can grow. And then it drops its leaves everywhere. Aside from the display in autumn, am not sure I would have chosen to plant a tree meant for a park or forest in a suburban garden.

I googled 'what to plant under maple tree' and got horror stories of gardeners who said nothing would grow under it and they've been trying for 15 years. Some plants came up but I tried them and they just died. Vinca. Strawberries. Bulbs. Cyclamen. Lupins. Geraniums. Catmint. Alyssum. Carnations.  Spider plants. Ferns. I don't want those thorny flower carpet roses coming back! Lord help me.

Then I heard about epidemiums, however, Kings Plant Barn don't stock those. However, one plant that dares survive although it is some distance from the roots is licorice plant (helichyrsum petiolare) which is ensconced next to an avon lavender. They like it dry and shady? And licorice plants spread...and the good thing is they are furry, not thorny. So I found myself another cultivar that calls itself 'silver mist' and put it in the hole where the vinca used to be. I believe it could have a chance as we only have one chicken now and less chance of being dug out and ripped to shreds.

Fingers crossed.

Another plant that died that I'm now replacing is oregano in the manger with sedum that is gracefully trailing over the edges. Mum repotted all her zygocactus (using my potting mix, I might add) and the admonished me for never sweeping in the alcove garden. Well they were HER zygocactus. What is she on about?

I have placed more melons in the tyres where the marguerite daisies were they are getting old and scraggly. After that I'm sure I won't need to go to Kings Plant Barn again for a very long time....

Note to self- bright pink flowered bush is not boronia, it is cuphea.
Borage would be a good addition to my border if can find some seeds.
Ditto muehlenbeckia complexa to clamber the chain link fence, that only Mitre 10 stock.
And..my brothers meant well but wisteria looks a bit pathetic against the chain link fence it needs a pergola or giant arch walkway, or even a gazebo. It's sending out streamers all over the place, in winter I will have to dig it out and plant it somewhere more suitable. Arrgh.