Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Downsizing Abbey

Mucking in and clearing out as round three of  Operation clear up Myra's garden continued. The last of my pumpkins is now in her raised bed which hopefully will either grow up the fence or trail along where it will stop weeds from growing. I have removed screeds of tradescantia which apparently her chickens did not eat. Now the chickens are gone but it was rather like kikuyu you pull it up like a tangle of christmas lights, it can spreads for metres.

The only sad thing is we are clearing up the garden so it can then be sold as Myra plans to move to a retirement village although she was not keen on me discarding anything that can be used again..I got a right telling off for potentially discarding faded plant labels, old soda bottles used as cloches, and cracked pots. She let me recycle the cracked pots. 

How all this gardening paraphenalia will be used when she moves to the retirement village I am not sure. I don't think there will be much space for it but then..how can someone move to a smaller place when they never throw anything out? Is it physically possible to take everything with you? I am trying to do some quantum physics here but my brain will not compute, the equations do not balance. 

Weeds are not the only things to be rid of, and we filled about three garden sacks of them.  

I was thinking if I ever did have a family and we had a normal size home and all my children moved away and my husband died, I'd just invite the grandchildren back and they can have the rooms when they are sick of living with their parents. Perhaps. I would not want to move into a small shoebox myself and become one of those grumpy old people who talk about their ailments with other old people. Then the grandchildren can play in the garden and I can teach them. 

Or maybe... I would hang on to my children and forbid them from leaving home. Granny can move into the flat with her own space and then they can have the run and maintainance of the house. That way they won't need to buy another house far far away and only come visit me on weekends. They would just be a few metres away and can visit me everyday if they liked or just wave hello from the verandah. The car can just be parked outside and the space it takes up for a garage could house one person. Couldn't it? I know several people who've lived in garages, made it their home and kicked out the car. 

Then all my plants could have a permanent home and wouldn't need to live out their days in pots like squatters or renters going from place to place. And my home wouldn't be busted to build a block of ugly high rise flats rented out to people who have no idea how to garden.