Saturday, 21 January 2017

Faith Like 197 Potatoes

Our bed of agria potatoes amounted to 197 potatoes. This made into two lots of potato salad, hot baked potatoes, and even enough left over for potato chips. Which I was just eating before. I am seriously thinking of going into the potato chip business!

As promised, had the harvest BBQ. Those who were not there, sadly you missed out (and became squares) while we feasted on the below menu, plus Olga's kebabs and  ice cream, Jacqui's beetroot salad, Jennifer's tomato and feta salad, Mike's sausages and steak, Shar's strawberries,  Gilles' chicken drumsticks which I swear I saw him surreptitiously feeding to Martha...the rain held off while we were eating thank goodness. Then Karyn herb lady turned up just as we were starting to eat. Last one does the dishes...

We are going to plant beans where the potatoes were - I think, unless we just let the fresh earth lie fallow for a bit was really windy last night and Jacqui reported the sunflowers were falling over.  Gilles came to the rescue with a stake to the heart..

New helper Louise came to Woodside and did some weeding which she wryly observed was payback for being roped into clearing out Myra's plot. least I sneakily got to plant some things at Myra's by accidentally tipping out all her freesia bulbs all over the lawn. And if she asks what this pumpkin is doing in her raised bed come autumn and doesn't remember putting one in there..I will say what would you rather eat, pumpkin or tradescantia? I hope she picks pumpkin. I also sequestered an aloe in a pot which does not require much water, but she didn't question this and instead asked who put all the stones in the bird bath it's supposed to have water in it! My birdbath has stones and water in it, but I suppose she doesn't like her bird bath visitors having a foot massage.

Myra's friend Janet observed you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. But maybe Myra doesn't want an omelet. She wants a hardboiled egg she can crack open herself. Woe betide anyone who tries to make her an omelet!

Today is a whirlwind of a day. I did some tidy up and am mourning the loss of my ponga fern which I am sure Martha killed by scratching near the roots. I have retaliated by piling on twigs all over the fernery. Have also put in cuttings of jade plant on the sunny rock bed, and cuttings of ice plants originally from Myra's garden. One day I'm sure when she's well enough I will invite her over or she may have to be content with looking at pictures of my garden on the ipad. Mum wasn't too happy when I took some tomatoes we harvested over to Myra, but you see I don't have grandmothers anymore so she's the next best thing.