Friday, 27 September 2019

Spring into Action

I scored some seeds from the Ranui Community garden  they are

Sweet Pea Bijou Semi Dwarf
Marigold Crackerjack
Cleome Pink
Radish Diakon Japanese
Dwarf Peas W.F. Massey

Not sure what the deal is with all the dwarf seeds it makes me feel a bit like Snow White. But those are the seeds I have to play with now spring is here. I've uncovered my chamomile lawn and hoping they will just romp away this summer. I am tempted to fill every gap with plants and cram cram cram, as I can't leave bare soil for Martha to dig away..but I know things take time to grow and fill out.

I caught Martha eating some daisies this afternoon and didn't know she had a penchant for those. Aunty has given me some furry begonia cuttings so they went in the remaining bare patch in the Fat Lady Sings garden -- (I can't remember why I call it that, something to do with the camellia bush?)

Anyway. Bev the Floral Circle lady has offered to take me on a Botanical Garden tour this weekend and hopefully the weather fines up and we'll see cherry blossoms all over.

It's our working bee to down at the community garden again and we're going to enlarge the banana circle. I've been pruning the dead leaves and hoping for more banana pups so we can get a Banana Republic going.

Hooray for school holidays! Spring is out in force and there's lots to do. So am going to be busy as the bees are, so that by summer I can be in my lounger lazily flicking through garden magazines and sipping lemonade. Note to self must install garden hammock.

I must also grab some arum lilies from Aunty, yes I know they are kinda weeds, but I won't let them get out of hand. Last time I tried to plant them they all died but now I know to plant them in the wettest spot in the garden.

There's also the Henderson Baptist Church garden, which could do with a spruce up, but I will need to do that on the sly because I learned if you try to tell anything to a church board they will just say don't bloody bother us with your garden. Well they won't say 'bloody' because they are Christians but you know what I mean. It's a bit too late to plant Christmas lilies but I'm sure I can find something to go in the beer can strewn front entrance way. Not poppies because they will get stolen. I'm sure I can find something, otherwise they will need to be content with dandelions.