Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Adopt an orchid

Spectacular Orchids were on show at the annual Orchid Show held at Kelston Community Centre.
Fab Garden Mama Brigita came along and adopted one, while my own Mum persuaded me not to adopt any as we already had quite a few under the citrus trees. No pink ones though just yellow cymbidiums and those tiny 'poor man orchids'.

You can join an orchid club and get really into it, the showiest ones win cups and trophies. Some tips - you can grow them in tree forks or ponga logs, and they look spectacular in hanging baskets. Grow them in bark, not potting mix and make sure they are well drained and in indirect sunlight, in a sheltered spot.

We bought posies for $5 each and now I have one sitting in the living room that will last months. I think orchids are like the plant equivalent of ladies shoes. Shoe aficianodos can't stop at one they have to all kinds. You have your Nike airs and ones with racing stripes, your peekaboo toes, and your slippers. Once you start with one you can't stop...

I didn't find any plants on my shopping list but did come across big pouches of flower seed at Mitre 10 going for $5 with mulch and fert included. They say Gro-sure' but whenever anyone mispells a word like 'grow' I'm rather sceptical. However they come with a 100% personal guarantee so, if they don't 'gro' I will write to Kiwicare and complain.

Still on the lookout for an architect to date. Hmm no takers. You would think they would be cruising round the garden centres looking for gardeners to help them set off their designer houses. Or maybe you have to call them. I don't know I've kinda given up on dating. I think it only works if you just date your friends, then you don't need to worry who calls first. If a man can't set up a proper date (movies are not dates! Movies are boring, go to sleep affairs, like going out to watch TV basically) then sorry I'm just not interested.

My next blog posts are going to be all pictures because...spring has sprung! Hooray. Once I figure out how to do it. I'm supposed to be all tech-savvy, but actually I still read books. I'm just used to cutting out pictures and pasting them on pieces of paper, with glue. I still do that sometimes. I can't press flowers online. It just doesn't work.