Sunday, 22 September 2019

Secret Diary of rambling gardener

number of potatoes planted 17
new plants 2 (furry begonias)
weight - still 50 kgs
cigarettes smoked - none, breathed fresh air

Dear Diary

Am still singleton. Asked out mates to movie but no dreamy architect with big garden to look after on horizon. Mr Darcy still ignoring me. Went for cherry tree walk with mum in Cornwall Park but wasn't romantic as blossoms aren't out yet. Looked at all the couples holding hands and running round with dogs. I have no dog and can't run round with Mummy Cat. God it was noisy and annoying.

Big Sis birthday and got the brag she was in Palermo, Sicily, having Italian breakfast with her lovers. Sigh. Mr M still annoying me so I blocked his phone. He kept txting me at 9 in the evening to say goodnight but I don't like being woken up by my phone. 

Am having miserable week. Everyone got drunk at quiz night but had terrible fizzy coke and a dental appointment today. Lord I don't want root canal. Save me from distress. No I don't want to marry a dentist as I have crooked teeth that refuse to be fixed, as I still have no money, my $5 Lotto win didn't go far.  Handsome Gardener man at Woodside just told us he was married the other month, and nobody even knew. We weren't invited to the wedding. 

Bridget Jones eat your heart out. Am ALL BY MYSELF. Sob! On plus side, echium is blooming.