Sunday, 15 September 2019

Dear Diary

As promised some pics. Spring is here...
Yesterday I caught up with Joanne from Ranui Community Garden and her Rongoa group. We had a working bee and I scored some mint, parsely and mint, vege seeds, and a whole lot of geranium and osteospermum cuttings. 
I did some weeding at the entrance with a Garden Planet listener who I met at Kings Plant Barn. I suspect she's following me around? 
Today the garden wanted me to start Chamomile Lawn number 2. So that's what's going by the Wisteria. 

I was thinking how popular diaries are with the 8-12 year old set. Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Puppy Diaries. Ella Diaries. The Diary of Anne Frank. I'm wondering if Rambling Garden Diary will join the heights of literary famedom, but I suspect not. Besides, it's no secret, it's a blog, and while it contains some overtones of 'my parents don't understand me' it doesn't have the cartoony pictures or drama of man-eating plants. Perhaps if I wrote a crossover spinoff like The Secret Garden Diaries. But then I wouldn't have time to be a librarian/gardener would I? Follow the thrill of the seasons as winter turns into spring. Oh no are Selina's plants going to die in the summer drought? Will her dad cut down her tree again? On Valentines Day, Selina doesn't receive any roses or chocolates. Will Selina stay single forever??

Bees and Butterflies

Echium in bloom

Upgraded Riverpark playground at last...with carex and pratia planting