Thursday, 27 June 2019

A spot of gardening

Kings Plant Barn is having a stocktake sale..with 30% off all plants. I swooped in and bought red cabbages, curly leaf red kale, ornamental purple kale, red begonias and purple primroses. If I'd had more money I would have snagged some more neem tree granules, and oriental lilies (scented) but I had to stick with my budget. I ran into a Garden Planet listener...Gui-Jae, who I don't know from a bar of soap, but apparently she knows who I am (are you Selina?) why yes I am..but rather embarassingly, I was not recording today because of my croaky cold which I am still getting over. Which is why I was looking at room diffusers in the gift section, to put in the library. Maybe the scent of mandarin and basil will dispel all the germs...? My Garden Planet listener had in her trolley a kaffir lime, a blueberry bush, and a persimmon. We chatted about this and that and then I went on my way, time was ticking.

I raced home to plant my haul, digging little holes around my azalea, and in front of the wisteria, and mulching with wormwood leaves. Mum and Dad must have something to come home to...they are going to cricket matches, and hanging out at transport museums, riding trains and having yum cha (or is it high tea?)  in Merry Olde Englande. I'm catching up with housework and hungry cats, and more laundry. Not to mention homework.

I found some potatoes at the bottom of my potato pile, looking like they are going to sprout. I know it may be a bit early, but I put them in my prepared potato pile of cabbage tree leaves and other prunings. hoping if they take I'll have potatoes for Christmas. They are agria potatoes, the best kind.

I've also decided the spider plants are ready to go in the ground in my flaming bed area, as a border. Terri suggested they were good border plants for night time because their white variegation illuminates a path. Now that I've gardenised my section (is that a word?) I'm having a cup of tea and a lie down because there are only four more days before my folks come home and Lord knows I won't get anything done or my peace and quiet back when they return.

Jolly good.