Friday, 21 December 2018

You have two hands

Actually there is not a lot more to do in my garden.
I have mulched the front bed with gaura and see there's borage coming up from seed I had scattered. Butterflies are coming to visit. It has rained last night.

But there are some things.

1. Find out what to do with all this applemint
2. harvest potatoes - at Woodside
3. harvest leeks - at Woodside
4. Grow chokos..where? - at Woodside
5. Check on watermelon
6. Worm fertilise plants
7. Rake leaves at St Giles and put in garden as mulch

I'm very annoyed that people just seem to think, because I am a gardener, that means I will do every garden that's going. Um the whole point of gardening is not that you get someone else to do it, is that YOU do it yourself. Otherwise, if you do not want to do any gardening but still want a garden, then that's as stupid as saying you want to own a car but will not drive it.  Perhaps the kindhearted people you bludge off will feel sorry for you and give you rides but not forever, and especially if there's a bus stop right outside your house and you actually have a free gold card.

I had some calling cards made up that I can now give to people. It says Gardener, but it doesn't mean I will actually garden YOUR garden. It just means you can come and visit mine! Because, why would I garden your garden if you could do it yourself and do it how you want it? I don't know what you like to plant, besides if I gardened your garden while you sat back and did nothing, then what's the point? You would miss out on all the fun of gardening! How could I deprive you of the peace you will get from pulling weeds and making compost? And of talking to your plants while watering, or seeing birds and butterflies and knowing you made a home for them.

Aiya. Anyway. No worries I have now things to do but am quite insulted again - MUM. Mum had to lift her fingers to do some gardening that she saw needed doing (good spotting mum!) and then blamed me that I didn't do it.
At times like this I will just say, here, there's a spade. Look, there's some secateurs. Oh and look what's on the ends of your arms.

If you have two hands, you can garden!