Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Gearing up

Things are looking up. After several rounds of looking around for another garden company to join, I decided, why go through bullying and torture again of working like a slave and just be independent, and garden where I like to garden and where the owners too like me to garden. So I feel like I've struck gold by being given the cart-blanche on development... an overgrown garden out in bushy Swanson that will keep me busy for the forseeable future...and the Kimberley Daycare and Preschool right next door to St Giles church.

Then I may have enough to live on to pursue another project next year.  Gardeners on Air, or maybe...Plant FM.
I have a keen co-host Joanne from Ranui Community Garden who's very into holistic gardening. And I'm into herbaceous horticulture. So I think we will complement each other well.

I need to take inventory of my tools. After losing a niwashi on my last job (it was maybe a bit rusty anyway) I bought another one. But I'm thinking I may need to invest in some other kit.

Sharpening stone
Hedge shears
Backpack sprayer (for seaweed/fish fertiliser)
Gloves with claws
Brush and pan
High vis vest.

Now, Santa was very kind to me.  Last year he gave me a subscription to Kiwi Gardener, which is still active. I don't need another subscription as my bookshelves are now groaning with books and garden magazines of which I still haven't read them all. But there is one new book that caught my eye and is on my library request list called 'Flourish' Extraordinary New Zealand Women and their Gardens. I don't know if maybe there's a companion male copy called 'Thrive' Outstanding New Zealand Men and their Gardens. But this lavishly photographed coffee table book may be just the extra inspiration I need.

I once considered co-authoring a book called 'Roundabouts and Carpark Island beds 101 spectacular ideas'. I mean there seems everything under the sun in gardening books, books on garden design, books on gardeners and their famous gardens,  books on organic gardening, complete books that tell you everything you need to know, books that have handy hints and tips, books on herbs, books on flowers, books on trees, books on pots,  books on borders, books on natives, books on outdoor rooms, books on topiary,  but none of these books ever showed you how to garden right in the middle of a busy intersection. Tip - put out traffic cones and wear high vis gear.