Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Stop rambling?

I looked up the definition for 'ramble' and I'm wondering whether I ought to change the name of this blog to Organised Garden Planner.

  1. 1. 
    walk for pleasure in the countryside.

    "I spent most of my spare time rambling and climbing"

    synonyms:walk, take a walk, go for a walk, hiketrampbackpacktrekMore
  2. 2. 
    talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.

    "Willy rambled on about Norman archways"

    synonyms:chatterbabbleprattleprateblatherblethergabblejabbertwitter, go on, run on, rattle on/away, blithermaunderdrivelMore
  1. 1. 
    a walk taken for pleasure in the countryside.

Why because definition two is rather worrying. Although, I named it 'Rambling Garden Diary' because ramblers are climbing plants. Not that my garden is vertical, more horizontal and wants to spread everywhere. Perhaps is ought to be 'Creeping Garden Diary'.

I got this strange sensation that people don't really like ramblers. One thing is they are scared that ramblers are going to take over with their filibuster style of growing. But this is so weeds can't get a look in. Another is that, they are always being cut down. For example, I suggest to church that because of the vision to have a community/childrens garden near the daycare, we could have planters and they won't get mown over. And lo and behold someone has already made some that I could buy and we could put them in. But no, we have to wait till some people who aren't gardeners have a board meeting and then we'll let you know.

 But this is the same with the windows. The windows desperately need replacing as the panes are rotting. This was meant to be done oh, about at least five years ago. Oh no we have to wait till people have all discussed it and made a decision, nobody can just make a decision on their own and JUST DO IT. Jennifer has said to me 'Well I will believe it when I see it. I may be dead before then'. This is no joke, as her husband didn't live to see the garden bloom. And yes they could have a board meeting and talk about it, but they won't do it. I don't see them rolling up their sleeves and doing it. They might get someone else to do it, but nobody can just do it because they will soon find an email in their inbox saying 'who put these windows in? Did we say you could put them in? Take them out and don't put any in till we have discussed it'. Um...hadn't it already been discussed?

I have learned by 'discuss' is code for have lots of meetings but don't do anything. Which is why I hate meetings. The last one I went to took 3 hours. I should have up and left after the first hour.
I don't need muffins or cups of tea. I just want to know what we going to do then do it. I don't care if people want to vent about politics. They can vent to their blogs like I do.

Why do we have meetings at all? Can't we just go and garden? It seems to me, that we can have meetings in the garden while doing some work, or we could just have lunch and talk about stuff then. Why call a special meeting? Is there a special 'meeting' pay that everyone receives who goes to meetings, or is it just an excuse to sit on our butts and chat about nothing, boast about our accomplishments, and tally the treasury. I think people want to make sure there's money in the treasury, but I'd say if there's too much money in the treasury someone is hoarding it rather than spending it, and nothing is being done. Perhaps they are waiting for it to collect interest, but the time it collects interest enough to pay for whatever it is you want, well, some people just don't have as long to live as you do.  I wasn't brave enough to walk out.

 Thankfully I have now put in new batteries in both my watches and can now look at them and say 'Aw is that the time? I must go home and have a nap, otherwise I will fall asleep and drool all over you' . By the time I've had a nap, they would have got back to me and said 'we haven't come to any decision, but there's another meeting in a few months time, don't do anything until we have reached a decision. ' But I have already decided that I am going to Feel the Fear and DO IT Anyway.

My strategy of 'ignore what everyone else thinks and garden' seems to be working it's charms. Like rambling plants they just want to grow. You can't actually train the climbing tendrils to grow where you want them, what you do is you let them grow out FIRST and after they have sent out shoots, THEN train them back, nobody that I know has ever put in a climber that's already trained and then just not let them grow! If people want instant garden that then they are better off just painting their walls green with flower patterns and astroturfing the ground, but they will still have to pick weeds out of the astroturf. Yea we like the concept of a garden, except growing things, um do we have to do it? Yes silly, the thing about gardens is in them people plant plants because they actually want to see them grow.

Now I have rambled on enough, it's raining Hallelujah. Keep growing plants, and don't ever stop. Keep up the good work. I'd rather see plants grow then watch a pile of money grow in the bank, and thing is you just can't eat money.