Tuesday, 4 December 2018

No compromise

I once believed that people who got married had to compromise. Most married people have shared that  "marriage is a compromise" which means in many cases the woman has to give up everything to suit the man. That disturbing on many levels, but it also suggests there is no such thing a real promise. A compromise is not a promise. It makes me wonder why people marry when they just cannot agree on anything. How can two people walk together if not agreed?

Where is this going? Well I am in a quandary, I could lie, but I just can't do it. My fault is I'm too honest. And I cannot remain silent. So, perhaps another way to put it is I REFUSE TO USE POISON.

This is the thing. I know what a weed is, and I know what a good plant is. But even a weed has it's uses and it's still a plant. So if someone tells me that for a gardening job they would like me to spray poison around a tree to get rid of the weeds, I'm rather sceptical. Firstly how would anyone spraying be able to avoid contacting a tree's roots or part of the leaves (trees can put out suckers with leaves from the base) and poisoning them and the beneficial bacteria and fungi as well? How would anyone know, within a few years time after constant contact with poison, such as glysophate aka Roundup that stays in the soil for six months or more so weeds don't grow back, is slowly killing the tree?

How can anyone do this without being suited up like a beekeeper/astronaut and not be exposed to poisonous chemicals by breathing in drift spray or contact with bare skin?
Is this gardening? Or is it  'maintenance'? Or is it a con by the chemical poison manufacturers to get people to use their toxic products forever?

These are questions I am asking. And how is this related to Kauri tree dieback? I believe it's very much related.
And not only that, how about human infertility, cancer, autism and other modern day diseases related to toxic chemical exposure, in the air, in our water, in our food? If this poison was 'safe' as manufacturers may claim, then it wouldn't be a poison. But this poison is sprayed in our parks, our reserves, our school playgrounds, our vineyards, nurseries and farm crops where organic gardening (real gardening)  is unheard of.

What can we do. I believe we need to speak out. And ban these products. For our environment, for God's creation. This is not a thing we ought to take lightly. If you are exposed to these chemicals you WILL die. Maybe not right away, but it's like the forbidden fruit, Eve ate of it and she felt fine, she didn't drop dead that instant. But it changed everything and from that day she began to die.

Do I have an immunity to all the poison I've been unwittingly exposed to in the world today? After all I've managed to reach 38 years of age without dying yet.  If I drink any deadly thing, will I die? Maybe some of us are thicker skinned. But it doesn't mean we should willingly, knowingly expose others to it either. Babies. Young children. Elderly. Our flora and fauna. I believe they are worth protecting and caring about. And therefore no compromise.