Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Mum does some gardening

I came home from work today and found to my surprise mum in the garden, doing some gardening! To be sure, it was not planting but pruning, but she did quite a good job of it and the maple trees were not hacked back or butchered like my dad would have done.

Mummy Cat had been busy too, yesterday she caught a mouse, but did not kill it, and then today I found a dead waxeye on the lawn, I have just buried in the compost heap. I know you a hunter Mummy Cat, but could you kill the vermin and not the garden birds?

Mum had surprised me by announcing on Friday that she was having two weeks off work. But she is doing work on her days off, housework.  I wonder if that's what I'll end up doing, when I finally get my week or two off work. Unlike one of my workmates who said he'd worked for 11 years without a holiday. That's....unusual, I said, being diplomatic. You must have really loved your job. He didn't answer me and said he needed a cigarette.

Now I can't help but think of what holiday I will have. No cruise ship, as been there, done that. Not going all the way to London again. I don't have long enough and plus, if my sister wants to see me, she can come here. Australia, sorry, but one of my friends in the time I've known her has gone there at least 10 times, so I feel like I don't need to bother. Am thinking either Fiji or New Caledonia. Or, the Bay of Islands. Planning my escape takes a bit of subterfuge though. People are always nosy about these things. Oh, going by yourself? Well yea. It's like running away from home. It's not really allowed. In the end I just say a day or so before departure, by the way, am going away for two weeks. See you when I get back. This is so I can avoid the curious phenomenon of duty-free souvenir hunters expecting me to export half the country in my suitcase on my return. Drug mule I am not.

Now I can trust mum to do some gardening in my absence, without even being asked, I can go away after all. I will just tell my boss, you have a new temporary substitute gardener, my mum.