Thursday, 5 July 2018

Finishing my homework

I hauled out the basalm and have now replaced it with a lovely Daphne Perfumed Princess.
With my fork I encountered some more black polythene 'weed mat' and tried to rip out as much as I could. But it does seem that, the soil has improved a bit where the basalm was so that was a good sign for Daphne.

My other assignment was filling up my raised vege bed, and there are now strawberries, broccoli and perpetual spinach in amongst the herbs and flowers, as well as still to emerge peas, broad beans, and dormant passionfruit vine.

I got two emails from church elders horrified that I was planning to plant a vine over the railing at church. I hadn't sent it to them but it somehow got on the church mailing list. Didn't Jesus say he was the vine and we were the branches? I'm sure that's in the Bible somewhere. I was only trying to be biblical.  I may have to face the wrath of the church managers on that one. Well, so much for sweet peas. Wedding arch would probably be a stretch too. I can just see the wedding photos now against a beautiful backdrop of Auckland traffic. I'm on church flowers this Sunday so I can't run away. I think I actually might have to stop going to this church for a while, it's way too heartbreaking to keep having to explain to people that plants are important to God.

Ecomatters have sent me some contacts for compost bins and native plants, so I am going to get on to them soon.  Then I can hand my gardening report  it in, and go outside and play.