Friday, 22 December 2017

Home time, garden time

I was too tired to water last night, after being left on my own to do a display bed at what I thought was following somewhat garbled instructions and then finding it was all wrong. And having to redo it again. Um..does it matter if the red begonias are next to the white begonias, I thought it was a red triangle of begonias and white inside, and the other guy mixed them up? Also taking out the small begonias and putting in bigger begonias well how small is too small and what you meant to do just chuck them, won't they grow bigger anyway? Oh no, don't plant them there its too high, well I was just planting them where you placed them. They have to be all in straight lines but how do you know its a straight line when the whole bed is crooked.

After being sworn at and told I was incompetent I was just about to leave and go eat my cookie instead. But, I had no way of getting home.  My bottle of water was in the ute and it was locked cos the other guy had the key. And he was nowhere to be found, unless you want to wander a huge apartment property with no trees in 27 degree humid heat. Oh can't you just drink out of the hose. Well how do you know it hasn't been sprayed with Roundup. Why do you wear gloves real gardeners don't need gloves. Just back off mate!
Ok so we deal with poo and cigarette butts in gardens and we are touching them with our bare hands and sometimes there isn't a clean tap for miles. And then maybe you need a break and you are eating with your hands because I don't see a table and knives and forks or chopsticks anywhere to sit down.

It wasn't even my display bed anyway. If you want a job done the way you want it done, don't tell someone else to do it give them unclear instructions then go away and then when they do it wrong blame them. Do it yourself! Give them the right tools! I had someone moan to me they got their child to do weeding and complained well they didn't get the weeds out properly. Well did you actually show them how, and give them the right tools to do it? Some weeds are tough you can't just yank them out with your bare hands. And did you give them enough time to do the job, or compensation at the end?

I get told by one to weed this way, and then by another to weed that way. Use the hoe. No don't use the hoe pull it out by hand. Um, isn't any wonder I am confused. Don't wear gloves. But then why are we given gloves to wear by the boss. Why don't I just walk round naked and bare feet then. You only give me one t-shirt as uniform so if I end up smelling really bad at the end of the week cos you only give me one t-shirt who's fault is that? And the safety shop was closed till 8 January. My nagging did not result in any safety shoes purchase after all. I get told to nag my team leader cos the manager doesn't want to deal with any of these issues.

What are you doing after work?
I just said I'm going home. I don't care if you going off to drink in town by yourself. Why would I even want to do that with you? That's your choice. I'm going home.

Praise the Lord we have a long weekend where I am going home and not going to think about work. Oh and by the way isn't it someone's birthday we need to remember. (Actually it's not cos He wasn't even born on that day). I bet his mother was probably thinking her husband a bit nuts to go all the way to Bethlehem on  a donkey while she was pregnant when she could have stayed at home, cos they had nowhere to stay either. Good planning Joseph. He didn't think to book ahead did he? No worries we'll just stay in the barn. Traffic is heavy but we will go at the busiest time of year cos we just have to pay our taxes. Hurry up woman do as I say.  Ok well Mary was too tired to argue I expect. Men!