Saturday, 9 December 2017

Giving up on gardening?

I have days when I think maybe I will just give up gardening since people are going to mow over hydrangeas, say they going to help and then pike out on you, or put weedmat in places where you need to cut a hole if you going to plant anything. I had thought maybe it would be just ok to plant flowers but then when someone says well you just going to have to take them all out again and you get there and people say sure do the garden and then dont give you any tools or plants and then say well we dont like what you planted anyway I just think I'm not going to bother. Also if they steal your sheep pellets. It was like doing the library at one church what a nightmare bureaucracy it was just to  weed books and put more bibles in. Which were free, I might add.

So I figured if people are going to look a gift horse in the mouth I can just go elsewhere and they can have their lawn/wasteland that is now a crash site for drunk drivers (it hit the retaining wall, and was only stopped from crashing into the daycare by the tree) and go where people call me, or pay me rather than think well thats a good neighbourly thing to do when the people in charge would rather you just didn't do anything at all. There are many people that sit on their butts and do nothing in this world who expect everything to be done for them. And them there will be others that think by controlling everything that people do even if its not their calling just because they want to be in charge and take credit for it. Maybe they just want to boast I'm rich and paid for this so I deserve it.

I have thought about how young people get depression its not because there arent any jobs actually there is heaps of work to do but people really just dont want you to do any work and not even try, and they aren't willing to train you either, unless you pay them, but when you ask for training all you get is abuse for not being perfect the first time. People forget that, when they first started out they did not get things instantly even after a few months on the job. This isn't just gardening this is any kind of job that requires some skill and even endurance. For example, cooking. Mum will complain I dont cook, but when I do cook she will complain on what I cook especially if its not perfect. If its good enough she wont say anything and if I didnt leave the kitchen spotless she will complain so what is more important I cook or I just dont make a mess, cos any kind of work will require you to make a mess and nobody has a right to say well its a mess if its still a work in progress.

Some ladies go in for something called 'finishing school' which doesnt mean they finish school actually or means they just get all dolled up and look pretty. But there is really no kind of finishing school for gardening because the rain is going to fall regardless and plants are going to grow and fruit and die and its never going to be the same. Maybe you will have one day in seven when there will be no work to be done where you can just enjoy but to expect that all the time is not realistic. So to all those workers out there getting on with the job good on you for you know that your labour is not in vain and practise makes perfect.

Maybe you have a dream or vision that you know may take years to come to fruition. Well that is better than having no vision at all. When people try and stop you from achieving your dreams or perhaps you may even die before it becomes reality but at least you made a start and others can carry on.