Monday, 25 December 2017

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (and ladies)

Hallelujah its raining!
Christmas day was full on at my brother's home with both sides of the family over for lunch and then dinner, but I did manage to fit in naptime so I do feel rested, today is Boxing Day and then it's back to work (groan), the only thing tempting to go to Boxing Day sales since Mum gave me my pay packet yesterday for the year. Of course I have been a good daughter!
She also gave me a lunch bag and matching notebook which I will use for work.  And dad paid my AA membership. I don't know why it always falls near christmas to renew, that can be annoying. My sister does not even have a car and lives in London yet Dad still pays for her AA membership anyway which I am not sure why since the AA doesn't really need to be called out to London.

So with money in my wallet I can make my shopping list before I go out. I can't buy safety shoes however until after 8 January.

Petrol for car
Flowers and herbs for edging church garden bed - alyssum, thyme, candytuft, lobelia, gazania, petunias
Wonder weeder (keep losing these!)
Decent spade for making holes - the straight sided ones aren't the best for clay, needs to be rounded
Aromatherapy fig and olive lotion for dry hands
Orchid for mum
Paper shredder
Outdoor rug
Vases and pots
Lavender 'grosso'
Sausages (for Mitre 10 sausage sizzle)
Water cooler flask
Darn tough socks

One gift someone gave me for Christmas was some black fishnet stockings. I have no idea who gave them to me as the tag didn't say. Santa must have got his lists mixed up as, I had not asked for them..? Sure I am a working girl but not THAT kind of working girl.  But I suppose I can use them to -- go fishing or tie up trees. They aren't big enough to cover the grapevine! Or maybe catch butterflies with them. Maybe Santa thought I needed some hose, but wrong kind of hosiery!