Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Let us not grow weary of well doing

God reminded me that I shouldn't let a small setback get me down, after the mowing of the hydrangeas, and stolen sheep pellets, plus the car crashing into the retaining wall (thought that intersection was meant to be an improvement on the roundabout??)  because Ecomatters got back to me about applying for $500 funding for St Giles church garden and even could give us free native plants next year..hallelujah!

We also could have a rainwater harvest system installed and Compost Collective would be happy to teach composting and worm farming when we have our vege garden underway. The BOM (board of managers) discussed the church garden plans and are considering planting suggestions so its all good.

For a bit of a breather I made tracks to Henderson Baptist to find one of our church flower beds looking a bit neglected, so with helper Joanne managed to tidy, weed and prune, and now it has been watered with new compost mulch and looking much better. The polys and begonia should spring back again hopefully, the spider plants in hanging baskets were trimmed and were hanging on, tough plants they are, doing much better than any annuals. We found another bed out the front that was empty but won't do any planting till autumn/winter as its getting dry and rather late to prepare another bed now.

On home front am continuing to watering gauras workmate John helped me plant, digging through tough maple tree roots, have moved a stepping stone to my new rose/salvia/olive bed, which I can see from my bedroom window, as would like a view other than the neighbour's driveway. I am hoping to find a lavender 'grosso' to plant there as it's a wonderful compact variety that has long stems of flower spikes and doesn't grow all leggy. I have done a makeover of the two verandahs, one we call the deck, as it's wood, and the other is the terrace, as it's concrete. The deck doesn't have any plants except for what's growing below it, but the terrace has lots of pots and a deck chair and am hoping to find an outdoor rug to make the space more inviting.

It's been so hot and at work we are still planting...just put in a new display bed today...the run up to Christmas is hectic and I find myself now being asked to water a Christmas tree everyday, amongst all the tinsel and fake wreaths and baubles. T'is the season...!

One of our temps asked us workers what we did on the weekend, he was horrified when both of us answered 'gardening' thinking that would be the last thing we would want to do on our days off, but it can't be helped. Many people also ask where I am going for the holidays and I just say I'm staying home, I have actually never in my whole life spent Christmas away from home. Besides where else would I go?? Where else would I rather be? Maybe its the people that 'go away' for the holidays that don't really have a home to go to!