Saturday, 16 September 2017

Three funerals and a wedding

The past week I have been whipping plants into shape, literally, using mowers, blowers, hedge trimmers and weedeaters. This is turbo charged gardening and I'm not sure I'm a fan of it myself  as it's very noisy and labour intensive. People say organic gardening is labour intensive but have they tried to maintain ten different lawns? Talk about labour intensive.

 I still have three more to do, thank you Auckland City Council for giving up on your verges. I am thinking of just letting them naturalise to onion weed.

This weeks permaculture workshop was about People's economics. No, we aren't all turning into communists but we did have a sharing table in which I came away with mexican sunflowers, dahlias, amaranth and renga seeds. And some hebes and a clary sage..and also a ginger of some sort (possibly a banned weed?). I contributed gardening books and chokos of which I am banned from growing. I need to get these plants in the ground today because it looks like I won't have time during my turbo charged week.

I also need to do a recce of St Giles to decide on my design plan. It's going to be flowers, flowers, flowers, but there needs to be certain types of flowers in certain areas. The only thing is, there is waist high kikuyu, and many shrubs that have had it, and how on earth will we create a garden when nobody has any time or money, and nobody wants to work on Sunday.  Spring will soon be upon us, and if we don't have any plants in the ground this season, will have to wait for next year...kikuyu does NOT make good floral arrangements. I have tried convincing the elders that just having grass is not going to cut it. I have have heard that some members are getting married, but they are choosing another church in town to be married at, possibly it has better flowers?

Other than that I don't have any wedding plans and my boss went to yet another funeral last week. He ignored my plea, so I told him his family needs to start having more babies. At the rate he is going, we will finish planting up the retirement villages and then start on cemeteries next. I predict they will become very popular over the next decade.