Friday, 22 September 2017

Election day...

It's election day and I'm tired.

I thought about the issues - housing, of which someone is making a pretty penny on and it isn't me. I know because I garden for people that can afford a house. But mostly they are older people who've worked many years and so can afford more than one, and then they don't hand it to their children really they just tell them to get their own. I think that's a bit rich. And there aren't enough homes for young people because the oldies just rent them out and collect that rent to pay for their luxurious lifestyles. I don't believe we can blame foreign buyers but we make it dead easy for them and even promote houses as investments, I've seen ads from Australia wanting wealthy NZers to invest in properties on the Gold Coast so I think people are being hypocritical. Also selling  the land off to people who bid the highest - well thing is if you have land YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SELL YOUR LAND.  Tell the buyers to take their billion dollars and get lost. Gift your land to your children and grandchildren. If you look after it, they will know the value of having a home.

Transport - this is a big issue as I'm doing about nine different properties all over Auckland and we need to get from A to B. The fact is it would be better if I just did one well than nine here and there or even better if I could do my own but then I can't afford to do my own so I need to work for other people, and get there on crowded, congested roads. Try and solve that one.

Environment - I am tired of cleaning up other people's mess and people putting up more and more carparks where that land could be garden. And then expecting gardeners to garden the carpark. I was nearly hit by a car the other day.

Health - Nobody seems to acknowledge that to lessen the affects of pollution we need to plant more trees. Politicians are constantly pouring money into pharmaceuticals when that research is not needed - a healthy lifestyle is.

I think that's enough politics for one day. People might peg me as a Green Party supporter, but I am a bit dubious about them too. So I don't know. I would like to think that whoever ends up running the country has our children's best interests at heart and not their own pocket.

I'm off for a walk now, it's a beautiful day. Happy voting.