Saturday, 23 September 2017

A vision for St Giles' church garden

I have now sketched up a bit of ideas and planting plan for St Giles church - got there this morning to see the scraggly mexican orange blossom and waist high kikuyu had been removed...and seeded with fresh grass.

My planting plan is to have a south- facing woodland garden and avenue of magnolia by the bus stop, with seats and by the church wall hydrangeas and snowball trees, fuchsia and bulbs. There will be climbers perhaps be jasmine or clematis covering the church, and a little rill or river ditch to take the wet, lined with primulas, violets and fuchsia procumbens.

Another corner will have a chinese toon, virginia creeper for foliage, and hydrangea. I'm going for big flowers for floral displays.

The church entrance corner which is shady and cool might have cabbage tree, nikau, clivia and hen and chicken's ferns. Tecomanthe will climb by the entrance and there will be either daphne or gardenia for perfume.

The north facing corner is already planted up but will add canna with the ginger lilies, sweet william or armerias with carnations, lambs ears and aeoniums, with possibly sedum or echium that will attract butterflies.

The north facing area will have a herbal tea garden and raised beds filled with seasonal veges strawberries and sweet pea obelisks in a flower bed. Dianthus will line the path, which will lead to an arch/gazebo area for outdoor services/wedding photos. Hardenbergia will grow over the arch/gazebo. On the sheltered side I am thinking of having banana palms, hibiscus and more cannas or vireyas for a tropical/pasifika feel.

The tree that looks like on it's last legs may still be ok if we plant a climbing rata over it, which will eventually cover it, so as to match the pohutukawa near the entrance.

By the road and framing the sea views will be and olive grove with low pruned figs, and a grapevine over the new fence rail, with perhaps a climbing rose at each end. The area by the intersection with the existing Indian bean tree and retaining wall will have postrate rosemary, and lavender, on Flanshaw Road the entrance will be framed by pink manuka or breath of heaven. Will have some agapanthus edging by the drive and low growing lambs ears. We will have solar lights by the car parks.

That's all I can think of for now there is still space by the Kimberly day centre perhaps left as lawn but could have a maze or a children's garden with lots of swan plants and sunflowers, with  a compost heap and worm farm, and maybe a few sheep to eat the grass and give us manure. (Have to check with the pastor).

What do you think? Am open to any suggestions.