Monday, 8 May 2017


Mitre 10 has generously supplied our Woodside Garden with free timber for our raised beds! Nicole and I picked them up yesterday and so now Mark, Roy and Gilles (and Mike and Pierre?) have their work cut out for them. There's a dozen or so to build and then we can get stuck in with our winter veges, the ones I am growing in punnets are spinach and pak choi.

I have cleared the grapevines of their dying leaves and cut it back. I would like the secret of sweet grapes, we had a good harvest in terms of abundance but..the grapes were kind of tart. How do I make them sweeter?

Dad has been sweeping up autumn leaves to put in the compost and I have been diligent in feeding my worms who have now started to produce worm tea.

Now finally I am onto the final Permaculture design Principle number 12 - Creatively use and respond to change. Vision is not seeing things as they are but what they will be

hmm maybe this's autumn, and soon will be winter. I've got to get bulbs in. And the church garden started. Otherwise we won't have enough flowers for the next spring. I'm planning hydrangeas and bulbs, and also perhaps hibiscus. Also a few trees like fig and olive and some flowering cherries or apples.

I have no idea what to do for a design brief yet but it might be I can do St Giles Church. I have been reading Permaculture in a Nutshell and Worms Eat My Garbage boning up on sustainable practices. We could have worms eating the leftover morning tea crumbs at St Giles and possibly a  nut tree grown somewhere on the church grounds, which will drop free nuts, so more people will come to our church..for the nuts.

Since there is a church already there I cannot grow a tree church like this guy did near Hamilton. But maybe I can do a flower church? We had giant cyclamen and fuzzy licorice plant last Sunday, as well as manuka and new guinea impatiens. I am not sure what to do next Sunday, perhaps a creative display of autumn leaves? As there don't seem to be many flowers in my garden anymore!