Thursday, 25 May 2017

Making my bed..

My garden beds have been made. And I didn't have to pay a cent either, because I made them out of woven rosemary branches, cardboard, worm castings and home-made compost. Perhaps I won't need My Backyard Garden project after all?! I've already started it. However I won't say no to free soil!

Of course mum was not pleased. "You'll rot the garage, it will rust " she moaned. "It's a hazard. How many times have I told you not to do any gardening? Are you going to pay for a new garage?"  And then more grumbling in Chinese. I've decided I will just not hear what she says in Chinese anymore as it's mostly just cursing. I wish I didn't understand what she says though.

I think she's just jealous as she never does any gardening except hacking and butchering the maple tree, saying it's too big. Well hello a Canadian red maple is not a dwarf. Live with it. It all falls on deaf ears. Although having said that it's more of a yellow maple not red. I'm not sure what my brothers were thinking when they planted it. We live in NZ, not Canada, and do not owe any allegience to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Why maples are allowed and nikau palms are not is anyone's guess.

Mt Asher magnolia has now got a circular edging of wisteria vine and I planted more cyclamens underneath. End of season cyclamens are $1 a pot at the Warehouse (pick ones that are still alive) so I bought five.

Dad took lots of photos which I haven't got round to uploading or downloading to this blog. Because stuff keeps happening. And I've got a job interview next week..which is promising, at the Waitakere Gardens retirement village. My gardening magazines have arrived and I've also won a Herb special edition, and free sweet pea seeds, which I have just put in the ground (there weren't many, I sowed them in a clump next to the new garage trellis). So far in my new bed are - sweet peas, passionfruit, lemon grass, one tomato, a sage and lots of worms. I'm planning to put in lots of garlic this year. Or maybe strawberries. It's in the sunniest spot and raised, what can go wrong? One word - Martha.

Buffie gave me a whole clump of calendula seedlings which Martha quickly decimated the instant she saw them. Time to bring in the chicken wire and cloches. She's as bad as a PD worker..ignores the weeds and pulls out all the good plants. I could lock her up in her cage but I don't think she's allowed to be in jail for the rest of her life.