Monday, 1 May 2017

High turnover

It's nearly 11am and have just done my gardening jobs for the day, which was to turn the compost. I have relocated it and given it a good shakeup, added comfrey leaves, some worms, and shredded paper (thanks Margaret!). Great news my worm workers have multiplied and have even given me worm tea to fertilise the garden with.

I may have some more gardening jobs lined up as Buffie wants me back at the Ranui Community Garden although not sure when I will get there perhaps this afternoon after a spot of lunch, or maybe I could recruit Louise again for next week. Apparently Myra's garden is going great and all her bulbs which she was afraid we had chucked away have sprouted, so that's good. You sometimes never know if you doing the right thing with cranky widows, to be honest. However I now have a job with what I presume to be a widow, who pays me to garden and she mostly leaves me alone to get on with it, giving quite clear instructions, her only vice is smoking in the house with cigarettes so I don't go inside, and it is not too taxing because she's kept the kikuyu at bay AND she has a green bin where all the clippings goes. Plus it's nice and shady, like a woodland garden.

 On Saturday at Woodside were having a working bee in which our local MP was supposed to come in his gumboots, but since it was raining and he had to do some door knocking, he predictably didn't show. I was not in the least surprised at this, because broken promises are de rigeur for politicians who open their mouths to say things they don't mean because they are such people pleasers.

This infuriates Jacqui who expects everyone to have integrity but in politics I'm afraid absolute power corrupts Absolutely Fabulous. Or something.
At our meeting last night we heard of more political shenanigans when it seems like the promised upgrade of our Riverpark playground didn't happen because somebody decided to use the money earmarked for OUR playground for something else.

I am really tired of going to that park and having to sit on some bark chips while waiting for a turn on the ONE swing. Also, if I want to go to the toilet or have an incontinent child/elderly person/coffee addict/bulimic I have to tell them to go in the bushes. Or wait till we get home. (I do not use the slide because it's just too small).

And there seems to be nowhere to lock up my bike. So I just bike right on through and don't stop until I get to Woodside. Wouldn't it be nice to have somewhere to stop and sit that's not on dog poo?
Well you think it would but it does not occur to politicians or local govt to care about people who did NOT buy new houses in the last ten years that we need proper playgrounds too.

Until that time, no wonder I didn't have many friends growing up in Riverpark there was nowhere safe to go. Ok so maybe 30 something years later now I am all grown up do you think it's too late to actually do anything about it?!