Saturday, 27 May 2017

Busy bees

Now all our timber is here the Woodside Gardeners have been busy planting and building. I got the spinach and pak choi in, and there were also carrots, radish, red onions, silverbeet, beetroot, and peas being sown.

Back home Mum said she didn't like the bamboo trellis I had put up so I removed it, it wasn't likely to stay anyway as I had improvised some magnets and cable ties, but I tried. I may attempt some strong magnetic hooks and wire or maybe have hoops as support. I have covered the beds with chicken wire and mulched with lemon balm clippings, while planting the rest of spinach, and sowed a row of broad beans. I also planted a line of taros at the bottom of the garden hoping they will have enough damp and shade and won't be killed by the frost. They had multiplied at Woodside but there was nowhere to plant them so I was happy to add them to my subtropical looking corner.

My choko vine didn't do well by the driveway so am going to attempt for next season planting by the back fence. Louise said she had beginner's luck with hers and had enough to give away, so I am going to make choko soup with her recipe. She's given me two recipes, one is made with tomatoes and the other has potato. Since I don't have any tomatoes (well, just two from my vine) it looks like I will have to make do with the potato and choko recipe. I've never made choko soup before, so it should be interesting.

Hydrangea is now near the front by the feijoa in the shade and I've found a spot for the fruit salad plant, hopefully it will like it there by the house and can sprawl against the wall. I have also shifted the rosemary to where the lemon grass was hoping it will have more room to be a hedge by the manuka.

There was such a lot to do today that I had no time for going out, to shift everything in their places before the frosty June weather sets in and it's too wet to plant and sow. I am on church flowers again tomorrow and I'm hoping the red canna lillies that are just coming into bloom might open up tomorrow in time for church. Otherwise I have no other flowers except for tiny red busy lizzie and pineapple sage!