Thursday, 25 February 2016

Summer daze

Its been scorching. We've been harvesting peaches all week and mum has now bottled most all of them. We had about a dozen preserving jars full. I will have to dig out my peach cobbler recipe, but for now we are just eating them fresh off the tree or with yoghurt for desserts.

Tomatoes and capsicums are also ripe for the picking. My new neighbour, I call him Mr Painta as he's a house painter, is growing giant pumpkins in his backyard, and has given me one of his smaller rejects. I'm not growing pumpkins myself, I ripped out a vine last week as it threatened to take over and I would have to keep watering it, thirsty thug it is, and, I'm not sure I like pumpkin THAT much. But, if it was a courgette, I'm sorry. It didn't have a chance.

However. Next year we definitely need to grow courgettes and capsciums at the community garden because I am missing those. We've got tomatoes, sweetcorn, and pumpkins again, as well as gourd, and coming up, choko. Eggplant is also a contender. They all do better over there as the soil is much richer with all the compost. Veges bake dry in my clay soil garden, as I still haven't put in raised beds (waiting on my handyman).

On the ornamental side, I have been putting in blue gemstones as mulch for my succulent pot plants and water crystals. Mum caught me putting paua shells in there which she insisted were HERS so she picked them all out. But thanks to the clearance sale table at the Warehouse, I got my pretty mulch back. I also snagged bargain oreganum and majoram herbs to replace my wilting spinach and parsley in my alcove garden.

My fernery is doing well and I have put my basket of spider plants there for an overall jungly effect. I am quite pleased with it so far.
Now all I need to do is await handyman Te Radar's arrival but it seems he's delayed. If he delays too long there will be no peaches left. I decide to give him till next week. If he doesn't show up he will have to shout me a ginger beer that I heard he's expert at making.