Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Mr Te Radar replied to my email! And yes he would like some peaches! Apparently his 'dwarfchard' peach tree succumbed to the rain. So he may pop over for some of mine.

Well. That's exciting. I wonder if TV cameras follow him everywhere he goes. I hope not, because I don't really fancy being on TV. Although, you might have seen me hanging round Ferndale, aka Shortland Street, but blink and you'd miss me. I played an anethaethisit. aneesthtisits. arrgh. A medical professional. I thought that might impress mum, as she watches Shortie every week night but, she didn't even see me!

And..well the pot plants on that show are fake, and there is actually no real Ferndale. But I have to say Chris Warner is a very nice doctor.

Now I have an idea for a Shortland Street episode, that could possibly involve my garden. The Clinic runs out of drugs and so hires a naturopath and herbalist to save money. Everyone will now receive massages, acupuncture, nutrition advice and herbal tonics.  They decide, no more emergency patients or accident prone people, they are going to send them all to ACC to deal with instead. Shortland Street then becomes a real Fernery, to live up to it's Ferndale name. After a relaxing time in the fernery, stressed out patients come out as good as new. The IV changes its name to the Ivy, and instead of alcohol serves nutribullet smoothies and spirulina. Shortland Street becomes so popular that no longer will Rachel McKenna have headaches with the DHB and can actually retire.
Grace Kwan's family open up a chinese tea house next door. And Lionel returns!

Lionel has his own cooking show as he won Masterchef for the best muffins. It is called, 'Lionel's Cafe' and becomes so popular that it outrivals the reality show they made of Shortland Street A&E.
Chris Warner leaves for browner pastures, forsaking his first love for Australian shores. He becomes the ships doctor on a Princess Cruise, and Neighbours invite him to star on their soap. He returns to New Zealand every two weeks but never again will he be star surgeon on Shortland Street. (We find out he does this to visit his many love children in Australia).

I really don't know why I write this, it nothing to do with gardens. I must have been distracted.
...well must go tend to my oreganum Kent beauty and put in those $1 violas I got from Pak'n'Save. If nobody had bought them they would have been thrown out, so I am rescuing plants by buying them. Mum does not see it that way. I think she feels threatened perhaps? If the plants take over, it could spell the end of the NZ dream of the boring flat lawn/paddock 1/4 acre section as we know it? Then she'll never be able to subdivide the land and build towering apartment blocks like they do in Hong Kong, and bury people standing up. Which I think they secretly plan to do to Auckland one day. Well they can't. Not over my dead body.