Saturday, 13 February 2016

Millions of Peaches, for free

This afternoon I sat under the shade of the peach tree in my camp chair reading 'Off the Radar' by Te Radar, a local tv personality - he lives in Henderson! He wrote about his 10 months living in a paddock, raising chickens, killing pigs, and making mud ovens, among other things. I'm nearly finished and was surprised he wasn't writing about his patch, this must have been the first tv series he did. Te Radar's Patch was about living sustainably on a 1/4 acre section. I was quite impressed with his 'Dwarfchard' idea.

Also, bonsai lawns. Very clever. I think office workers would like them to lie on their lunch breaks.
It crossed my mind maybe I could contact him and ask him to come round and give me some tips on my patch. After all, he's a tv expert. However, my attempts to contact Xanthe White proved fruitless. Famous people never answer their emails. I didn't even get a reply. However I think I may have more chance with Te Radar as he's a Westie and...he knows the best things in life are free. I think Xanthe must have high fees or something, being a garden designer to the stars.

Prince Charles is otherwise engaged. Although I did see that Charlotte, George and Catherine now have hebes named after them. In Mitre 10. Royal Hebes they are.

Nevermind, this year I've decided to apply to study again, this time a Certificate in Landscape Design. It's a free course, meaning no tuition fees. I just have to pay admin costs. So its not really free, but its cheaper than the Unitec Garden Design course that costs $3000. I will be learning by distance if I get accepted. I hope so, because, why call Xanthe White if I can do it myself? Sorry.

Now if there's Certificates in Witty Jokes that were offered for free I might study that but I can only do one thing at a time. So I may need to call Te Radar after all, offer him some free peaches from my tree, and get him to build me one of those mud ovens.