Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Hot, hot, hot

I am seriously thinking of putting in a water feature or rill somewhere to flow into my garden.
Mitre 10 Water Gardening Book might help me. I was thinking how most traditional gardens in the world are modelled on the one of Eden, paradise. The Bible describes this garden as having four rivers on each side, trees of every kind bearing fruit, and animals. There are no thistles and thorns, and the ground does not need to be tilled.  Everything is just perfect. Very Good.

I have continued work on my fernery, and it now has a birdbath in the centre of paving stones, bamboo, more spider plants I've spread by their suckers/babies, another red busy lizzie I moved from somewhere else, and the calla lily to be beside the tree fern as it's shadier. Also it now has pools of water, and a water pot, and more maidenhair ferns. (Thanks to Beth's prolific maidenhair ferns). There is also another pansy by the steps.

Yesterday I was given amerias or pinks and now I have put three on the edges and three more by the snowball tree along with that festuca blue grass, as they can tolerate drought, it is pretty dry there. My morning glory is nearing the top of the arch now and blooms blue. I have a purple one on the other obelisk.

I'm now off to my brothers to snag some bromeliads for the dry shade, and also some rich volcanic soil as it's free..
So I may drop into Kings Plant Barn on the way back at St Lukes. Just to have a look. I hadn't bought any new plants this week, all of them were gifts. I don't know if my garden would qualify for the heroic garden festival but maybe in a few years time? I think If I were to raise funds for a charity it would be Hospice because we all go back to the garden when we die, at least, I will, I want to be buried in a cemetery that had trees and flowers growing in it.