Thursday, 9 July 2015

Up North

I am back from Whangarei.
I saw some gardens up there, the first on was the fernery and conservatory that the district council own that was gifted to the people of Whangarei, and includes a park, a river, rose gardens, japanese style garden, cacti and succulents and lawn with picnic tables. I really like it. It is called Botanica and it's free to the public, and I even managed to snag a hibiscus plant they were giving away and some garden books and magazines!

I want to work there. I did see some gardeners working there trimming the edges of the rose garden. But I would prefer to work in the cool of the fernery, and when it's cold, to be nice and warm in the hothouse conservatory. I wonder if they have any situations vacant? I once applied to work in the Auckland Domain Wintergarden, as they were offering apprenticeships, but I think they only take men who can drive a forklift or something.

I might have better chance at working at the public library up there...but.. I don't know. I'm kind of over it. There is a vacancy though.

The second garden is the volunteer run Quarry Subtropical Garden and it is very impressive. It's only been there since 1997 but already looking well established. There are many walkways through the rocks and a lake up the top that was the old excavated rock. Orchids do really well there, there's a giant dinner plate fig, there are masses of poinsettias, really, it's quite amazing. And to think it was just bare rock only 17 years ago. I had a chat with one of the guys working there and he said people just brought their plants to plant there, or nurseries would donate, and the only challenge was the rock, but mostly plants that enjoy good drainage don't mind there's hardly any soil.

I'm inspired, and also, thanks Whangarei for all the garden magazines, the op shops also sell them for 20 cents..and I'm thinking of where to put my hibiscus.