Friday, 24 July 2015


Yesterday I opened the curtain and saw my next door neighbours camellia had been cut down.
I didn't even hear the chainsaw. She is now stumps, but the privet tree is still standing.
Dad says the neighbours told him that the privet will come down tomorrow. Hooray!

No more sneezing!

I wonder what they will grow in it's place?
I can make suggestions. Snowball tree? Magnolia? Chinese Toon?
Well, whatever they choose is fine as long as it's not privet. Maybe they can grow a tea hedge, camellia sinesis, so when they trim it they can also make cup of tea, and invite their us over, as good neighbours ought to. Or...rows of keep up appearances.

Am I crossing a boundary trying to influence my neighbours garden and landscape choices? Do they get the hint when I stuff their letterbox with NZ gardener booklets? I mean, their cat Sparky is more friendly than the humans. He's always wandering over.

I've heard that there are some people in NYC who seed bombed a place, they grew a garden in wasteland urban site next to the street, and the NYC mayor tried to shut it down, saying it was illegal. You can't stop the gardeners.

If you can make the desert bloom, you can do anything.