Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mr Frosty

We've had a few frosts so it was lucky I had bought that frost cloth earlier for my hibiscus. The other one is in it's pot indoors.

I did some winter sowing of perennials and scattered evening primrose, catnip, dianthus, sweet william and asceplias (butterfly bush). Apparently the frost and cold are good for the seed to crack them open. Others call this stratification, and do it by artificial means by putting seeds in the fridge before they sow them. But why not sow them at the right time (fall, or autumn when seeds ripen and fall to the ground) and leave them for mother nature to sort out.

I do have that potting bench but may just use it for pea seedlings to grow on for Woodside, since my others got munched. I still need to go there to collect comfrey to mulch my plants and make tea.

Other than that not much to report except they are showing a series on Prime TV called Great British Gardens and they had one last night about an estate called Nyman. The house got burned down and is now a ruin but the plants have taken over! Its almost like the story of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and the house at Manderley. It has rhododendrons too.

We have azaleas but not rhodos in our garden. I am thinking one might be nice as a bush down the back. We'll see.

I am thinking of creating a leafy book club up north if I do get that job...
Otherwise, if nothing pans out I will just have to go to the UK, turn up at Highgrove and ask Prince Charles (or Harry, or William) if I can work for him....

I'm sure he will pay me in organic vegetables and flowers.