Monday, 23 March 2020

Crazy times

Preparing for lockdown...

The Massey Garden Ramble has been cancelled but that wasn't before I had distributed the flyers. At least people that have them now know where the gardens are - Woodside Road, Jadewynn and Triangle Park.

I said to Mummy Cat she had better get to work now the humans are staying at home. Before the shops close except for essential services tomorrow, I stocked up a bit on things like seed raising mix, potting mix, seeds, cleaning products, more flower bulbs, books and food for the week. I have decongestant essential oil (eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor)  and oregano oil for immunity. And hyssop plants, because that was all that was left in the herb section. All the veges seedlings had sold out.

Garden Planet is still going to air as scheduled but the next four weeks will be broadcasting repeats, but I have picked up relevant shows  to air so keep tuning in if you missed them the first time.

With mum and dad both home I expect they may be driving each other nuts, but I am thankful I have my garden. Or our garden. Mum might have to stop deriding my kale and attempts at growing food. She learned that dandelions are good for her liver and Dad is mowing less lawn. So I am hoping some good will come of it while we ride out the worst of it. Martha will be fine as it's not bird flu this time.

 Am going to take a hot bath and go to bed early. I looked at my posts from last year and it was around this time that everyone was catching some virus (or is it just the same one that keeps coming back every year?)  But as I am still here to tell the tale I think I will be ok.

Stay home and garden everyone, and if you are locked up, you are in safest place. Hebrews 13:3