Saturday, 14 March 2020

Lightbulb moment

I had made it my mission to plant bulbs today, as the moon calendar indicates it's the right time.
So I've picked up Grape Muscari and two kinds of Dutch Iris.
I usually don't go shopping on Sunday, but I've had to after working on Saturday that I can't face doing a round of more shops after working in one for four hours. This has kind of thrown my schedule for a bit, but then, everything changes anyway thanks to Coronavirus. People are probably going to be predicting everyone's going to have the Mark of the Beast some time soon. (If someone asks me I'm just gonna say no thanks).

All I know is, when spring time comes around I need to have planted my spring bulbs in March!
My beds are now all mulched in seaweed, and I've taken cuttings of daisies and pelargonium in hope that something, anything will grow in Mary's bed.

I came home rather exhausted and I'd only just walked up the road. I have also been asked to be on a committee. A flower committee. They say they need someone younger but I'm wondering what I can contribute. In general people don't really like flowers I've found. Fruits and veges get the star treatment in the gardening world but flowers tend to be ignored. I had once suggested lets grow more flowers in the community garden but that kinda went down like a lead balloon. The last time I went there everything was weeded until an inch of it's life and I felt if I had planted some bulbs there it wouldn't go down well.

So I am just sticking to my own patch for now. I think it's safer. I read in the paper that people were voting for the best garden at MetLife care and you could win $5000 from Mitre 10. When I worked at MetLife care retirement villages the ladies were constantly having fights over who could pick the flowers.  Some of them HATED the flowers like euryops which were 'too yellow' and jasmine was called 'that smelly plant'. I haven't been back there to see what it's like now but I can imagine that that giant hydrangea is still there and the lady who lives next to it, if she's still alive, is still complaining about it.

I personally believe flowers can contribute to a better world, if they can inspire kids living in the Bronx concrete jungle possibly they could do the same thing here, but in my experience kids in NZ get more excited over slime than flowers. We possibly have too many flowers, and half of them are gorse.

Mum has given me a mushroom kit that someone at work has given away so I'm going to attempt to grow some mushrooms. The kit comes with 3 pages of dense instructions but the bags are not labelled so I can't tell what is spawn and what is compost mix and what bag is meant to go with what. If I were creating a mushroom kit I would just have 1 page of instructions, with 3 steps, and pictures, and everything clearly labelled. So I might just have to email the mushroom kit creator and admit my complete cluelessness and say um can you explain how to grow mushrooms again? In less than 100 words? Cos you have given me a thesis here and I'm mentally challenged. Thank you.