Thursday, 4 April 2019

What's the plan??

Actually I have no (garden) plan.
It's all in my head and nobody can know it, cos you can't read my thoughts, but, I do have them on paper somewhere, except it doesn't look like a business case or a proposal or anything you can make much sense of. If I had you inside my brain, you'd be wondering where the exit is.

I am quite surprised I even passed my PDC, Permaculture Design Certificate, given that my church project design, wasn't even really designed. It was just a bunch of indecipherable doodles on paper, lists of plants, and there was the church in the middle of it all, only because well, you can't bust down a church. It had certain zones, like, flowers next to the building, flowers along the roadside, and flowering shrubs along another side. Tropical flowers in the warm spot, and native and groundcover flowers on the berm. There was even a proposed raised beds for vegetables and herbs, with even more flowers. Flowers covering an arch, flowers on the fence, and flowers inside the church, flowers in hanging baskets, flowers along the railing.

Actually, I wanted to cover the whole church in flowers, but um...maybe it would have been simpler to just to propose, remove all the kikuyu, and cover the entire land area that was kikuyu with spanish shawl. It doesn't grow above 30 centimetres to satisfy Auckland Transport, and you never need to mow it. It has cerise flowers when it does flower, otherwise it looks just like carpet. We could have church picnics on it, and 'carpet time' would take on a new meaning.

I'm having a bit of trouble because, plans have a funny way of never being approved. I would take my plan to the church board, they'd look at it and make positive noises but never say oh YES GO ON RIGHT AHEAD. They'd just say 'oh that's a nice plan'. And then go on to a different topic, like, sooo do you want to help count the tithes?

Actually I'm really useless at counting tithes, so please don't call me to do it. It's like doing the float in the morning at the library. I hated that job. I think one time I was counting the float and couldn't make the till balance, like we were 3 cents short or something. How do you even find 3 cents. They don't even make 3 cents anymore. Counting the tithes at church is similar, you'd think it would come in multiples of ten (tithe = ten percent) right? Oh no, its all fives and ones and somehow adds up with 3 cents. And they put in these envelopes with numbers on them, and you supposed to put the amount on the envelope so you know how much people gave. But I wonder why don't people put that themselves? So I forgot to do it, and added it all up together, but because we don't know how much people gave individually, they had to go back and call everyone who gave and ask them um how much did you give? Anyway it's all over my head, I don't do the whole envelope thing and never keep a tally of how much, because honestly, ten percent of nothing is really not a lot, especially when you have next to no income.

They don't really accept flowers as tithing. Even though the Pharisees were known to tithe their cumin and mint (ten cumin seeds, ten mint leaves). Actually it's meant to be your harvest for the season, ten percent of your produce, but since my proposed planting fruit trees at church was never approved, I have nothing to give. And the food basket then says 'no perishable food allowed'. So I'm allowed to give some near used by date stale crackers, but not fresh feijoas. I could give easter chocolates, but not hot cross buns.

Of course, this makes no sense to me, but then, not much does in this world.
Terri and I are going to chat about groundcovers on Garden Planet, so I might mention this, or we might play that song 'they paved paradise and put up a parking lot' because that's seems to be what they are planning at church instead of a beautiful garden.