Saturday, 30 March 2019

For everything there is a season

Like colds for example. They sneak up on you suddenly with a sore throat, headache, tiredness and then you start coughing and then even doing simple things like getting dressed becomes a chore. My lunar gardening calendar had yesterday it was a day of rest and so, maybe the moon was trying to say something to me. Like, stop working, I've got this.

The only thing is, you can't stop working if everyone's relying on you to keep everything running. So don't make yourself indispensable - delegate. Of course you have to then tell everyone your frailty. I'm not going to church/school/workshop/working bee/class/visit when all you want to do is curl up under the blankets. But there's always the thing where you run out of food, like soup and have to go out to get some. Spreading more germs as one goes. You have to explain in simple terms to your Dad, no, I do not want icecream. I have a cold. Do you know the difference between junk food and food? No he doesn't. He has no clue what to do and I'm lying on my bed, exhausted. He thinks it's helpful to feed me chips and icecream. It's like giving candy to a diabetic, or a bread to a coeliac.

Plants have a similar thing where they don't like the cold, and stop growing, and want to just rest. You can't coax them into any sort of production and resent being given more food. It's then that Kings Plant Barn decide to have a sale, as a last hurrah for summer, as no more flowers will be had except for polyanthus, pansies and primulas. The trees are losing their leaves. Everything's gone a bit brown.

I buy dahlias, and tansy, another echinacea, and some hollyhocks. I know I ought to be putting in bulbs as surprises at church and at woodside, but sometimes I think people in control just don't like my jack-in-the-box floral surprises. Its more like WHO PLANTED THESE HERE?? But if I tell people before hand, they will just say don't waste your time. We don't want any. And it spoils the surprise.

Note to self - never surprise a control freak. It puts them in an awkward position - the realisation that they are not God and do not actually control the universe. This can cause crushing cognitive dissonance and you will experience great wrath and persecution for it - that is, if you let on that you are the source of the surprise. So my advice is to do everything in secret. If they ask, you can just say 'God works in mysterious ways'. Don't ever take any credit - thats the worst thing you can do.

One more thing before going to bed - and it will be a long season of it - feel free to dream..and next thing you know it, it will be spring.