Monday, 25 March 2019

Woodside Wanderlust - this Saturday

Ben is also going to be there with a pruning workshop, so sharpen your tools...I'm a designated tour guide, so will look out for you (not that there's much chance of getting lost in our garden - maybe in the creek though). Anyway, I'm wondering who else will turn up, or whether it will just be us regulars plus the pruners looking at each other going, where are all the other keen Westie gardeners???? So far we may just be breaking double figures, but you know what God did when he couldn't even find ten righteous people in Sodom.

I've got to go and restock the pop up library fridge and will make sure there's plenty of gardening books inside. Karyn's making her famous herbal teas and I hear Olga's baking up a storm.