Sunday, 7 January 2018

Through the storm

The rainstorm on Friday wrecked havoc on the peach tree, Dad said it will need to be cut down, it is over 40 years old and rotting at the base. He may need a chainsaw. This year it looked like it has some fruit but it is probably past it's best. Last year was fruitless.

Another victim was my hardenbergia arch, the Kmart arch did not stand up and many of the struts have snapped and rusted away, so I will have to figure how to remove it and put my new Edwardian arch up. Without mum knowing its been replaced of course. I will have to untwine the climber without damaging any of the shoots.

However good news the ground is damp and it seems like new seedlings are emerging. I wandered round Kings today just window shopping because all the prices are back up except for roses which are 50% off. But its not likely I will plant anything yet, according to NZ Gardener's moon calendar, it's a barren period all week. So I really should not go into work tomorrow....

I have red pom pom dahlias one of my permaculture classmates gave me now blooming. Mum actually said she liked these flowers so, am thinking I should plant more red flowers to keep her happy. Helen kindly gave me more busy lizzies which I have planted in the edible patch, I have hot pink, apricot and red.

I have lots to do in my own garden and wonder if I will have the energy to plan and plant the church garden this year, as well as working full time. I could scale down my commitment to the other contracts I suppose, until the gardens are relatively self sustaining. Its always a big thing to plan and start a garden from scratch.

Some gardens you fall in love with and are a breeze but others, usually planted by someone else who doesn't like change, you feel like its a never ending battle of wills. I still remember  people throwing fits and swearing and cursing because someone chopped their lavender that was growing all over the path, and definite mistrust when a pile of junk is moved, and then there's mum who says I must 'get my own place' if I am ever to put up an arch. I had one lady after we planted up the area around her apartment give me a hug and then whisper in my ear 'wouldn't it be nice if all this was grass', while another would say one day we are doing a great job and the next complain loudly in front of everyone that the roses are looking the worst they've ever looked and we never look after them.

What to do, well I'm feeling rather tired so perhaps will sleep on it and see if I've still got the energy to go to work tomorrow. I suppose things could be worse, I could be working in the Mt Eden Prison library with no budget and sorting out books behind bars.