Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sand, silt, clay...or mud?

The gardening books all talk about sand, silt, loam and clay soils but never say anything about mud.
Is 'clay' just a fancy name for dried mud...? Because I have mud.

I don't think much grows in mud. I'm trying yacon, but I think I might have to dig them out again and put them in pots with potting mix and wait until spring. By then the mud shall have turned into..pudding.

Herb lady Karyn tells me there's marvellous benefits to clay, like curing cancer... and I've suggested since we have a bathtub down at Woodside garden we could open a luxury garden mud baths, it will be the next trendy thing to do. Forget spas and saunas. We have mud! Soak your aches and cares and dashed hopes of a permaculture fruit tree garden  away in  a  relaxing mud bath and you will feel brand new.

You will also look like the mud monster but that's ok. All those beneficial minerals are soaking into your skin. When it dries and hardens to clay we can chip you out.

I have come up with a few plants that may grow in mud -

Cabbage trees
Bog sage
Creeping Buttercup

Now rice looks promising. Where can I find some seeds? I don't think the grains from our rice bucket will grow - you can't just chuck a whole sack of Uncle Toby's into the ground and expect a crop. I once tried that with a sack of sunflower seeds I had bought from the pet shop. Well they were the smallest and shortest sunflowers I ever grew.