Sunday, 4 June 2017

No more fruit trees

Surprise, mum came with me to look at Kings Plant Barn today and we looked at all the plants. Then she said I couldn't buy any. Actually she said, I couldn't buy any until I had my own place.

Fat chance of that.

Basically she said I was not allowed to plant anything  because as you might have noticed I do NOT have my own place -she claims it doesn't belong to me, then  where exactly does she imagine that this place of my own is?
So if I want my own fruit I will have to walk to the Woodside Garden to pick anything.

Unless, I have them in pots, but they are hundreds of dollars if you buy citrus in a pot, and they don't do as well because my brother tried that and we never got any fruit at all.

I said I am not driving miles to Ngatea just to pick my own blueberries. What a nightmare. I remember going there one time and there were hoards of Asians (including us, well, mum and her family) doing the same thing. It would have been cheaper to buy them frozen already bagged from the shop.

Yesterday she bought a pineapple, bananas, and persimmon. I said, we could grow our own bananas. Why should we import them from Ecuador where they've been gassed and fumigated? The pineapple will not be fresh, nor the persimmon. She laid them on top of the feijoas which I had picked from our tree that we already have.  Actually she moved the basket outside which means I have to go outside in the dark and cold if I want any feijoas.

Then she said, plants are cheaper at the flea market. (They also have fleas). But I don't know why she said this because, I am still not allowed to plant any trees, even if they come from the flea market.

So all that means is going to Kings was a waste of time and I failed in my Arbour day mission.

Look at my backyard. Do you think there is absolutely no room for any more fruit trees here?

I am watching Downton Abbey. In that story, the girls have no inheritance it's only boys that get the land. I don't know what they really do all day, but the eldest says she has no life and wastes it taking tea and talking about frocks, until she gets married to someone she doesn't like. If I were her I would have given all my clothes to charity and said stuff this upper class life, I'm going to get a job as Head Gardener and plant up the place, it's looking pretty boring and then all the servants don't have to be stuck inside all day serving us toffs.