Friday, 2 June 2017

Miracle job! Praise the Lord.

Hooray I was offered a full time job yesterday! 

It's gardening with a company called Bark and they do schools and retirement villages and large private gardens. I start in a few weeks. I am really looking forward to it and I'm going to be based at the Waitakere Gardens in Henderson.  They have amazing productive terraced vege gardens, a woodland retreat and wonderful flower beds. Not bad for old folk! (This is what people do when they retire - garden, and keep the kids out). 

Actually I think it will keep ME out of trouble. Also it means, If I earn enough I can now afford things, like paying off holiday debts and mum cannot nag me anymore, saying I don't have a 'proper job'. She might despair that it's gardening and not being a secretary or receptionist, but let's face it I would be a useless secretary/receptionist. I imagine if I was one I would find lots of excuses to go out of the office into the garden. I'm just taking out the shredded back in a few hours. 

Hello, you rang, I'm weeding at the moment can I call you back later? 
Yes, just wait there under the tree.  Sorry we don't have any magazines to browse just smell the flowers. While you are at it would you mind giving them some water? If you want any tea just pick some from that bush there. Need water? There's the fountain outside. Oh we not going to bother with meetings anymore. All we need to do is meet at the garden and do some gardening and we will get twice as much work done than sitting round at a table. 

Speaking of work yesterday I dug and planted yacon. I have three clumps of this new fangled South American vegetable I have not tasted before, apparently it is a tuber that tastes like apples but grows like sunflowers. The house also now has a 'Welcome' mat at the back to front door, I've cleared a path to the drain, and weeded cymbidium orchids, as well as divided and repotted a yellowing jade plant. Aenomiums are now by the entrance. There's also even parsley as edging and Vincent's pukeko near the ponga trees. 

Not this Sunday but next Sunday 11 June Woodside Garden is hosting a free winter pruning workshop with Ben Cheah at 1pm. So beat your swords into ploughshares and sharpen your spears into pruning hooks. We aren't going to fight anymore! We are going to grow fruitful gardens. It's also Arbour Day June 5 on Queens Birthday this long weekend we all have the day off so you have no excuse. Go plant some trees!