Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Say it with flowers

I have just landed a job doing flowers for the church. I am rostered on for December, so am thinking what flowers will be available then, and if not flowers, maybe I can do fern baskets? Or maybe a water feature?

Looking around in my garden, the first sweet peas have blossomed, the geraniums are in bloom, as is the ceanothus and lavender. Everything is coming up lovely and my front rockery is a riot of rainbow colours. It will win no awards in the home and garden magazine, its so garish and not tasteful at all. It looks kinda like a primary school childrens garden with primary bright colours.

pink- sweet william
red - grevillea or spider flower
orange - geraniums, calendula
yellow - gazania
green- leaves, ferns, aloe
blue- ceanothus
indigo - dutch iris
violet - violets and pansies, lavender

along with grey green lambs ears
and white alyssum

The fun bits are the bird bath or rather duck bath, hippos and tuatara. There's even a cat sometimes sunning herself by the wall. So I suppose I do have a mini zoo. Except in this zoo you can feed the animals, in fact are encouraged to, as when they are hungry they have an annoying habit of coming inside and disturbing the humans.

Ssh don't tell Jacqui but I have secretly sown wildflowers in the community garden. When they come up it will be a pleasant surprise. Also it will help pollinate the capsicums and eggplant I am dead set of having a harvest this year. Choko was vetoed this time along with gourd. Too rampant and nobody eats them, claims Jacqui. Well, all the more for me.

Sweetcorn was also voted down because last time we had Seventh Day Adventists steal our corn and other veges. Well we suspect. They claimed innocence but we have evidence that it was them, and said if they want produce come help us on our working bee days. No we can't, they said, we are not allowed to work on Saturdays.

Maybe they were imitating Jesus when he plucked the corn in the field on the Sabbath but the thing is they plucked it when it wasn't even ripe.
I don't know, I never really got on with SDAs as they like to point out things like did you know you aren't supposed to eat bacon? But they still buy sausages at our sausage sizzle anyway, so I really don't know whats up with them. Plus..in promoting their Sanitarium breakfast cereals  they asked librarians to lie  to the camera and say they loved weetbix etc but to me it tastes like cardboard no matter how much sugar is dumped on it.  Apparently they hire out the church on Saturday to have their services, which is fine, but we couldn't even clean up or do a regular working bee on a Saturday since they were using the church.  Then all the lights blew and on Sunday the congregation entered a darkened church because the SDAs didn't want to work to change the lightbulbs.

I have now decided to go to a different church which SDAs don't rent out and do flowers there. If they did they'd probably steal the flowers.